{Featured Photog} Newborn Photographer, Brooke G Photography

Introducing this week's featured photographer...

Brooke Gustafson
Newborn Photographer, Brooke G Photography

Here Brooke tells us about her photography business:

I am a part time, natural light photographer who is absolutely in love with newborns, and a full time mommy to 4 oober cute kiddos.  Having my own kids, I know just how fast they grow.  I love to document this fleeting time for other parents.  

I am currently located in Vermillion, South Dakota.  This summer my family and I will be relocating to Spearfish, South Dakota, where I will be "starting over," as a business.  Sounds fun right?!  Well I'm excited to find a new studio space and start getting in touch with expecting moms on that side of the state!

Since we're relocating this summer, business will be slow for a while.  But, the good side?  I will have time to get my website up and running (it's been under construction for, oh, lets say, 9 months?!) and I'll be fitting in a little more education.  I will be adding studio lighting to my bag of tricks.  Who will I be learning from this summer?  The super talented Kristen Mackey of Son Kissed Photography!  (insert happy dance here)

Please visit Newborn Photographer, Brooke G Photography and have a look around, and tell her I sent you while you are there! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us, Brooke!


Brooke G. said...

Thank you Kaye! <3

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