{Featured Photog} Traci Ryant Photography

Meet this week's featured photographer...

Traci Ryant
Traci Ryant Photography

 Here Traci describes her photography work:

"Hi! My name is Traci,  I am a mommy to the 2 most beautiful & hilarious boys (hopefully a 3rd next year!), a wife to an incredibly loving and supportive husband, and my most recent new title is... *photographer*.
There! I said it :) It wasn't until very recently that I actually began feeling comfortable referring to myself as a professional photographer, how in the world could this thing I enjoy doing beyond words could actually be a career? And one I'm realizing I may actually be good at!
My love for photography began at a very young age, spending all of my allowance ( do parents still give allowances these days?) on disposable cameras and snapping away. Waiting a week to get that film developed, having no idea how the shots came out until I finally got the prints back, was such a thrill to me. I always said after my "career" I would retire and become a photographer, well I am so proud to say I could not have been more wrong about that. A year and a half ago I set out on a mission to purchase my first dslr, and give this dream a shot, as a stay at home mom already I had nothing to lose.
Within months I was busier than I ever imagined! I've since upgraded my equipment, taken anamazing newborn workshop, and even have my own little home studio that I get to walk through everyday and I have to rub my eyes a little each time just to make sure it's real. While I love shooting kiddos of all ages, my deepest passion is for the teeny tiniest clients, the newborns. Having so many new mommies &  daddies put their faith in me to capture these memories for them is... an indescribable feeling. Pure joy. :)
p.s. SO stinkin flattered to be featured by Little Keiras Bows!! Thanks Kaye!"

More of Traci's work using Little Keira's Bows headband: 

Little Pink Flower Fabric Bow skinny headband

Please visit Traci Ryant Photography and have a look around, and tell her I sent you while you are there! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us, Traci!  


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