Little Keira's crochet beanies

Little Keira's crochet beanies are here!

This beautiful bubblegum pink crochet beanie is handmade with your choice of felt flower clip. The felt flower clip (measures about 2.75" wide) is made of five layers of felt and is topped off with a cute button. This beanie will stretch to fit from toddlers through young girls.

Keira loves this beanie! She even smiled for me when I took picture of her wearing it (she never likes looking at the camera). I had fun cutting those felt flowers! I hope you'll have fun choosing yours!


amanda said...

I stumbled onto this blog from Polly's blog just seeing how she was doing since we were in CS together a few years ago. It is so fun to see another Keira about the same age as mine. Yours is soo cute! I love that beanie! I can't wait to come back and really look and all of your neat stuff! I have three girls so I am excited!

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