Introducing all the Rosie Flower Brooches or Snap Clippies

Finally, all the Rosie Flower brooches or snap clippies are here! I've made nine of them - all in different colors and color combination! They are great on bags, clothes, scarves, shoes, even on hair if a snap clip is used instead of a pin back. They all have names too:

top row (from left to right): Brooklyn, Katelyn, Madison
middle row (left to right): Chloe, Isabelle, Hayley
bottow row (left to right): Hazel, Ashlynn, Tiffany

Madison, Ashlynn, Tiffany and Isabelle are already posted on my etsy store. If you like any of these, I can post them on etsy for you to purchase!


SoBella Creations said...

Super cute hair clips. I always love the clips made with felt.

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